Some YouTubers paste the best comments at the end of their videos from users (from the previous video, of course). Stick them up on the final screen. This is a nice way to build your audience’s trust. When they see other viewers’ positive comments, they are likely to follow suit. You can add pleasant background music for a few seconds when the video prompts the best comments. And finally, I wanted to announce a great improvement within YouTube Studio that is relevant to this section. It is the control panel for your channel. It turns out that in YouTube Analytics, we can see the “click-through rate” or CTR of your videos, and a message appears in which they warn that the more clicks our videos receive and the longer they watch them, the more times they will recommend us among suggestions. I heard that powerpoint training really helps brands get their messages across.

Therefore, for YouTube to suggest our videos, we must increase the CTR and the viewing time. Retention (the time they watch your video) can also be measured in YouTube Analytics, and thus you will know when your viewers leave or return. These are techniques that are best added at the editing level. Put the batteries in all areas, and you will see results. Maybe powerpoint course is the answer for you?

It is also important to interact with other users, that is, respond to comments for greater visualization. But there are other elements that we must take care of. If you are serious about being a YouTuber, you should think beyond YouTube. It is essential to create a personal brand, and of course, that matter involves investing. Because nothing is free in this life, but it's worth it. Buying a hosting and a domain to create a blog for your YouTube channel can push you forward. Perhaps your audience is interested in telling you stories or more about your creative process. It's not all about "pretty videos." Studies have shown that storytelling for business really works.

The visual theme is everything. You must choose preview images (thumbnails) of your videos that are powerful, that attract attention. It is possible to create them with useful tools available on the internet. Take good care of the details that your channel has a visual impression so that your viewer cannot stop seeing your content. Does storytelling in business really work?

Videos should also be as accurate as possible, think that the more content you have, the better. You must be constant. So, if a topic is very long, you can create a series of two or three videos, instead of one, which would generate more reproductions. Upload videos periodically, maybe once a week, but never stop being constant. YouTube is a community. Try to engage with other content producers, seek collaborations with other channels, to get people to know you more.