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Given the apparent complexity of the reincarnation system, it feels like a reasonable additional leap to infer that “karma” could play a role as well. Karma is the idea that actions are somehow balanced in the universe. For example, if you harmed someone in this life, maybe in the next life he’d harm you (incarnated in different bodies, without memory of the previous life’s interactions). The notion of a life review makes karma seem like a possibility, and based on all of my research, I do think it’s likely that karma is built into the structure of reality. In the life review, we see our mistakes, so it seems to reason that those mistakes would be registered in the One Mind. Perhaps they fuel the reincarnation engine and help lay out optimal future lives for one’s consciousness to Evolve. Are aerial repairs the solution that you are looking for?

If karma is real, we should be sure not to oversimplify it. It could be so complex and multifactorial that we’ll never understand it. That said, if it is real, it could dramatically change how we think about life. David Hawkins, like many spiritual teachers, viewed karma as a reality. I mention him here because his description has stuck with me. During his mystical experience of unity mentioned earlier, he said, “The body [that is, his body] seemed like a karmic wind-up toy run by all of its accustomed patterns and programs” [emphasis added]. Taking interest in aerial installation may not be a bad thing.

Furthermore, karma is often described as an impersonal process. Hawkins used the analogy of iron filings being attracted to a magnet. If each of us is an iron filing, the way we “charge” ourselves through who we’ve been and who we strive to become will automatically attract a certain type of magnet (life). So what enters our lives occurs naturally as a consequence of many karmic factors, and not because of some intelligent being who’s judging us. Karma might also create dynamics that encourage repeated incarnations with certain souls. When it comes to buying a new roller garage doors the process can sometimes be a little bewildering.

I’ve often encountered the notion of “soul families”: groups of souls who allegedly spend lifetime after lifetime together but take on different roles. And each time, they have amnesia and forget about their previous lives together. Someone’s lover in one life might be a parent in the next life, a daughter in the one after that, and then a lover again in a future life. Theoretically, this could explain strong attractions or aversions we have toward certain people that we can’t rationally understand. Because we have amnesia, we generally don’t remember any of this (although in UVA’s studies, some children do report attractions and aversions related to alleged past lives). Sometimes we have a “sense” that we can’t put our finger on. Confused about electric garage doors then you are not the only one.

When karma is discussed, a question often arises around tragedy. If someone is murdered, does that occur because he or she did something bad in this life or a past life? We need to strip ourselves of all preconceptions before examining this issue. First of all, it’s impossible for us to judge something as objectively “good” or “bad” because we don’t have enough information. A seeming tragedy could lead to a soul’s Evolution and balancing of karma in ways we simply cannot see or compute. In such cases, the “tragedy” has a benefit at some level. Darkness provides contrast so that we can see light. As twentieth-century American poet Wallace Stevens wrote: “Death is the mother of beauty.” When we lack something, we then appreciate its presence more. Perhaps the intertwining of light and dark is behind the yin-yang symbol in ancient Chinese philosophy (below). If the universe had only light, how would we learn and grow? Starting with garage door repairs is not a bad place to begin.

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