Statistics show that 4 in 10 people in the UK use emojis exclusively when sending a text message. On Facebook, over 350 million ‘stickers’ (their emoji equivalent) are shared each day. If this is the beginning of an entirely new form of communication, how will brands take advantage, and what are the implications for audiences?


(Image: Flood Magazine)

Dominos may already be able to tell us. They recently announced that their customers in the US will now be able to order pizza by simply tweeting an emoji – of a pizza. It sounds like a gimmick, but it’s actually very clever.


(Image: Digital Trends)

To sign up, customers create an ‘Easy Order’ account via the Dominos website, and register their Twitter details and pizza preferences. Then all you have to do is Tweet a pizza emoji to @Dominos, and your order is delivered. It’s as simple as that.



(Image: Marketing Land)

The most obvious feature of this system is the reduction in time taken to complete the transaction. Domino’s say that the entire process takes under 5 seconds. This has clear benefits for both brand and audience – Dominos achieve their objective of making it as easy as possible to order from them, whilst audience’s craving for convenience (and pizza) is satisfied. Win win.