Those of a certain generation will doubtless remember the derision that followed the Skoda brand around for a number of years. Thanks to a radically improved product and a sustained marketing campaign, it’s now a thing of the past.



And nothing testifies to this metamorphosis more than Skoda’s latest digital campaign. Called ‘Fight For Attention’, the ad utilises pupil-tracking technology via your computers camera. The viewer is presented with a short film split into two halves – each side features two identically spec’d Skoda Fabias (one white the other blue) that dance in and out of the urban landscape.


(Image: Fast Company)

The technology monitors how the viewer interacts with both sequences of film by producing a custom infographic revealing which car held the viewers attention throughout the sequence. It then generates an overall percentage to declare a ‘winner’. Viewers can then share their metrics via social media.


(Image: Fast Company)

Not only does this campaign feature impressive tech, it’s a brilliant example of how a physical experience that puts the audience at the heart of the action can create engagement. Real world interaction with virtual cars drives a deeper emotional investment in the product.