Sport England’s latest campaign, ‘This Girl Can’, aims to inspire females to take up exercise. The reason for this call to action, according to Sport England’s research, is that millions of women and girls in the UK do not engage in regular exercise because of a fear of judgement – be it appearance or ability.


(Image: Sport England)

The campaign features women taking part in a variety of physical activities, from running to swimming to rowing. The common theme is that the ‘characters’ are depicted as ‘real’ women, conveyed by the variety of sizes, shapes and abilities of each participant. It’s the antithesis of the conventional media ideal of women engaged in physical activity.


(Image: Sport England)

It’s clearly struck a chord. This Girl Can has been viewed by over 13 million people online since it’s release, and it’s really no surprise. Sport England have identified that their audience feel increasingly alienated by patronising and unrealistic portrayals of women.


(Image: Marketing Land)

Their antidote is a refreshing blend of humour and physical endeavor, featuring lines like ‘sweating like a pig’ and ‘I kick balls, deal with it’ captioning the action. It’s the sense of solidarity and empowerment that enables Sport England to connect with their audience sincerely – something that’s all too rare in mainstream advertising.