Long-distance relationships can be tough. Even so, it’s rare that we see products aimed at easing the emotional heartache of couples separated by time and space. So naturally anything that is will pique the interest – especially if it looks this good.


(image: Kitmen Keung)

Hong Kong-based designer Kitmen Keung has created the Long Distance 1.0 watch. It features a pair of dials that can be set to different time zones – the darker one for yours, and the light grey dial for wherever in the world your other half is.


(image: Kitmen Keung)

It’s a beautiful idea – both in concept and execution – and just one of a number of products designed to ease the pain of separation. ‘Pillow Talk’ by Little Riot aims to connect couples via a wristband that they both wear to bed at night. The wristbands linked to a speaker placed inside the wearer’s pillowcase.


(image: The Skinny)

With the help of a connected smartphone app, the wristband detects your heartbeat and transmits it to your partner’s pillow. They are then able to hear it through the hidden speaker, simulating– in essence at least – your presence, regardless of proximity. According to the designers, the result is ‘an intimate interaction between two lovers’.


(Image: Little Riot)

Whilst there’s no doubting the thoughtfulness of the product, one can’t help but think it’s a little creepy. Still, it may offer at least a few crumbs of comfort during the cold winter nights.