There’s no doubting that Netflix’s success is chiefly down to the quality or their TV show offering. Currently, Netflix boasts in excess of 60m subscribers globally. Recent reports suggest that the company’s shares have risen over 12% following better than expected fourth quarter earnings. But is this just down to content?


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The genius of Netflix is to recognise that audiences value the ability to either dip in and out of TV episodes, or ‘binge-watch’ dozens of episodes at a time. This puts the audience at the centre of the experience, and means that fickle viewing figures are no longer a consideration.


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Because of this, Netflix’s shows are less vulnerable to judgment derived from the analysis of viewing trends. There’s no risk that Netflix’s shows will be axed after a just a few episodes – their success or failure is determined by the popularity of the entire series.


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The binge-watching phenomenon is not entirely new – we all have the DVD box sets purchased at considerable expense. But by transferring TV from physical media into the digital space, Netflix have not only added convenience, but also the flexibility of being accessible from multiple devices. A heady mix for today’s TV binger.