‘Cure & Simple’ cleverly address a unique selling point of their quirky proposition in their brand name – It’s quite literally bacon, made simple. But not just any bacon, say the producers.

(image: Cure & Simple)

According to their claims, these are ‘gorgeous’ rashers, beautifully packaged and posted – yes, posted – through your letterbox on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis. And the breadth of choice does not stop there; there are three flavours to choose from, Bourbon, Old English and Pancetta.

10/06/14 Cure and Simple delivery bacon business

(image: Hertfordshire Mercury)

The brilliant delivery solution is just that for two reasons; 1. It rather neatly makes use of the physical nature of bacon, i.e. it’s letterbox-shaped, and 2. It’s extremely convenient. The gourmet foods market has exploded in recent years, and there is no shortage of competitors vying for attention in this space. What ‘Cure & Simple’ do is to take the Mountain to Mohammed, and in doing so begin to justify the rather hefty price tag if £5.95 for 10 rashers.

(image: Cure & Simple)

It’s also a fantastically innovative example of how to add value to the overall proposition. By introducing this element of theatre to the simple act of purchasing bacon, the audience experience is infinitely enhanced. Novelty + excitement + convenience = a delicious combination!