Your brand is built squarely around the ruggedness of the great outdoors and the rewards of exploring and conquering new frontiers. But a segment of your customers live in big cities, rarely (if at all) encountering such scenarios. They’re fans of your products anyway, but it’s sometimes worth reminding them of the true purpose of what they’re wearing - what you really stand for.

North Face_3(image: YouTube)

The brand in question is The North Face. And as their latest strapline announces, they want their audience to “Never Stop Exploring”. So they set up a fake room in their Seoul store. At first it seemed like a typical section of the shop. But as unsuspecting customers browsed the rails, they suddenly began rising to the ceiling. The floor gave way, forcing the bewildered shoppers to cling to the walls.

North Face_1(image: Outside Online)

A North Face jacket then descended from above, until it hung in the middle of the room. A countdown timer appeared on the screen opposite, and all of a sudden the challenge was clear – 30 seconds to jump for the jacket!

North Face_2(image: LauraJul)

Here’s the film of what happened when a whole host of customers were unwittingly recruited to take on the task. Some succeeded, some failed. But The North Face certainly triumphed in reminding its audience that if they choose their brand, they shouldn’t assume their city dwelling lifestyles will be comfortable affairs, free from perilous (yet ultimately rewarding) situations.