We’re back in Latvia, and once again it’s bike-related. A couple of months ago we took a look at Riga taxi company Baltic Taxis and their refreshing efforts to cater for cyclists in need of a lift home.

This next visit may well feature some of Baltic Taxi’s customers. Riga cycling community Let’s Bike It! wanted to highlight the space a single commuter can take up on the road if they travel alone by car versus by bike.

Lets Bike_2(image: demilked)

So they constructed colourful frames matching the dimensions of a typical family car, attached them to their bikes, and set off into the Riga rush hour traffic. Although they looked somewhat ungainly (and clearly the activists could have chosen a less damp day), the stunt proved a great way of communicating how much space and time could be saved if more people cycled to work rather than clogged up the road sitting on their own in large vehicles.

Let's Bike_3(image: Bored Panda)

More cyclists and less cars also means less harmful emissions, and the activity of the Let’s Bike It members was designed to illustrate this too. Their campaign goes to show that even though at times we’re well aware that our behaviour isn’t necessarily the best thing for the environment and for society, it’s only when it’s spelt out to us in such a way that we realise the true impact of our actions.