Every Your Audience post thus far has focused on people, brands and businesses understanding a particular audience particularly well. This one is slightly different as the brand in question has two audiences.

The genius lies in how they realised all the two need to make their lives easier and cheaper is a service to bring them together.

Transfercar_1(image: Transfercar)

Enter Transfercar. It works by pairing up drivers in the US needing to rent a car or van with vehicles which rental companies need relocating. Currently, most rental companies use expensive and pollution-heavy trucks to transport such vehicles between locations. Transfercar offers drivers the chance to do the relocating – and what’s more, it’s free. All you need is a US driving licence and to be over 18.

Transfercar_3(image: pxleyes)

Giving these opportunities away for free is still cheaper than using an expensive truck and filling it with expensive fuel. So audience number 1, the rental company, wins. The driver gets a free trip on the freeway. So they also win – audience number 2. And Transfercar cross-sells the chance of additional days’ hire where available, plus other rental deals on its sister site, Rentalcars. They win too. In fact, everyone’s a winner!