Bentley Motors used the 2014 Paris Motor Show to launch their new flagship model, the stunning Mulsanne Speed. Our role was to create and deliver the reveal event, combining film content with the live elements of the reveal and press conference.


With delegates and the world’s press gathered round the Bentley stand, we kicked off the reveal with a Flourish-created countdown sequence on a high-resolution screen. The graphics were also synced to the low-res panels around the screen, bringing the entire back of the stand to life.

Once the countdown reached zero, a film produced for Bentley by our friends at Keko showed the Mulsanne Speed racing through a cityscape and out onto the open road as night changed to day. As the shades and tones in the film moved from the darkness of night to the orange-yellow hues of the morning, the whole stand backdrop altered to match these tones thanks again to the low-res panels within it. Throughout the entire reveal, our bespoke lighting sequence perfectly complemented the screen content.

Bentley_Paris_1The moment arrived, the drapes were pulled back and the stand lit up to reveal the Mulsanne Speed in all its splendour. Bentley Motors CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer then took centre stage to herald the new model’s arrival and to tell the story of “the world’s fastest ultra-luxury driving experience”.

Bentley_Paris_4Following Mr. Dürheimer’s introduction, delegates and members of the press were invited to get up close and personal with the Mulsanne Speed and the other Bentley models on the stand, the Continental GT V8 S and the Continental GT Speed.