GFBBO_2It’s no secret that we love biscuits at Flourish. But this week, our love for them took on new meaning in the inaugural Flourish Great British Biscuit Bake-Off – the result of a rapidly escalating conversation on Wednesday morning about the upcoming BBC episode of GBBO.  Next thing we knew, ingredients were purchased, aprons were donned…and biscuits were baked.

GFBBO_3Becky was late in this morning because she was “having a carpet fitted”. We all know she was really perfecting the intricate lettering on her jammy dodger-style entrants, clearly designed to sway judges’ opinion by appealing to their love of all things Flourish.

GFBBO_5Marcia was up until 1.30am crafting these amazing shortbread biscuits, keeping the dwindling summer alive with their flowery theme.

GFBBO_7Claire went for a chocolate cookie, flavoured with a hint of orange which lingered temptingly on the palate…

GFBBO_6…whilst Harry took on the challenge of the bourbon (and won, they’re delicious. Hats off Harry).

GFBBO_4And here we have Guy C’s peanut and raisin treats (left), Guy T’s mouthwatering chocolate hob-nobs (right), and Catherine’s lemon butter stars at the top.

Unlike the real Bake-Off, we have no losers here – everyone’s a winner. Except anyone who’s on a diet…