Move Day_1Friday was an emotional day, that’s for sure. We all loved the exposed brickwork and wooden floorboards of our super cool Old Street home, not to mention the wealth of food and drink options that lay all around us.

Move Day_2But the past few years have seen us grow and grow, and the realisation slowly dawned that as lovely as the place is, its days of being able to accommodate us all were numbered. And so on Friday, after seven wonderful years, we shed a few collective tears, packed up, and shipped out.

Move Day_3And here we are! Just up the road in Exmouth Market, home of our light, airy, beautiful, shiny new office. And even more eateries and drinkeries than Old Street! In went the Anthony Burrill posters (of course) and the first of the desks.

Move Day_4Pretty pleased with the view too. The rooftops and chimneys of our Clerkenwell neighbours close up, with the Shard poking out of the horizon. Nice.

Move Day_6The crates arrived not long after we did. And there were lots of them.

Move Day_5Chris and Mark had easily the day’s most vital task – get the elephant and the lion safely mounted in their new home. Glad to say all went without a hitch.

Move Day_7Things really got going as Friday wore on. Buoyed by a hearty fried chicken lunch from our friends at Mother Clucker, we spent the afternoon unpacking, arranging, and giving everything a good old once-over. Moving can be a dusty business – plus we’ve got teams over in Brazil at the moment who would love nothing more than to come back to clean chairs and shiny desks! Our pleasure guys.

Move Day_8One of our TWO new meeting rooms being constructed. We’re also building our own kitchen.

Move Day_9By the end of the day things were definitely taking shape. There’s still a bit more left to do. But we’re in, we’re up and running, and we’re well and truly open for business.

Home sweet home!