Sandbox14_1The Google Creative Sandbox kicked off yesterday at the Cannes Lions Festival to fantastic acclaim from its first visitors. Following a slightly more challenging build than usual (purely down to the increased size of the Sandbox’s footprint this year) we’re really, really delighted with how it looks.

IMG_1974A huge part of its fantastic look and feel is the partnership we’ve developed this year with the wonderfully talented Anthony Burrill, graphic artist/print maker/designer extraordinaire. The whole space is alive with Mr. Burrill’s beautifully crafted designs and graphics, all based around the idea of inspiring and encouraging delegates to get involved in the activities, talks and product demos taking place all week in the Sandbox.

Sandbox14_2(image courtesy of guiseiz)

Anthony has always been a big inspiration to us – his work has adorned the walls of our office for many years. So it’s truly great to actually have the chance to work with him, especially at an event such as Cannes Lions which is all about fostering inspiration amongst the world’s creative elite.

IMG_1995If you’re in Cannes this week you can even meet the man himself. Anthony’s giving a lightning talk of his own at the Creative Sandbox at 2.45pm this Friday, entitled: “TEN IDEAS – A guide to daily creativity and happiness”. Come along and get involved.