Brief: Increase investment in YouTube from top 200 UK brand advertisers by dramatically improving perception of YouTube’s content.

Our audience insight: “I get invited to events like this all the time, and usually they end up with me being reluctantly sold to.”

Activation: Celebrate the scale and reach of YouTube by hosting an incredible evening of education and entertainment featuring a diverse range of brands, performers and musicians whose exposure through the platform has led to global success.

The show featured a mix of presentations and live entertainment. Musical highlights included live performances from Susan Boyle and Ricky Gervais (as David Brent).

Red Bull, Sorted Food, Dove, SB.TV’s Jamal Edwards and Sam Chapman of make-up channel Pixiwoo all told their stories, and Rizzle Kicks closed the evening with a set which culminated in the on-stage screen opening up to reveal hundreds of their fans rushing in to dance with their idols.

Results: Specific figures are company-sensitive, but in pre/post event feedback the proportion of the audience who strongly agreed with the phrase “I see YouTube as an important platform for reaching my target audience” increased significantly. Two weeks after Brandcast, YouTube had surpassed their targets for sales from the brands present at the event.

Feedback from the Twittersphere was overwhelmingly positive:

@davidblack: Great night at @YouTube #Brandcast. Susan Boyle amazing, Rizzle Kicks superb, Ricky Gervais great – lots of good inspiration

@Something_big: Most awesome and exciting evening at #youtube brandcast tonight, thanks guys

@PMGAdams: Thanks to Google for inviting us. You smashed it. #brandcast

@trebortrauts: Thanks to @youtube @brandcast for a inspiring and star studded evening – proud and powerful