Brief: Get creative and media professionals at the Cannes Lions Festival excited about YouTube as a platform for innovative brand advertising. With users now able to skip ads, emphasise the value of truly great creative.

Our audience insight: “Somewhere to chill out in the Festival Palais (without being sold to) would be great. I would give something a go if it looks cool though.”

Activation: Give visitors to the Palais the chance to star in an ‘unskippable’ advert. Participants were superimposed into the creative they thought would be the least likely to be skipped. Their ad was filmed and uploaded to YouTube’s Show and Tell Europe channel, and the guest received a postcard with a still image to take away.

For those looking to simply relax, the space also incorporated a smoothie bar as well as the chance to win YouTube prizes from a tablet-controlled claw machine. Even young Caine Monroy, creator of the wonderful Caine’s Arcade, had a go.

Results: 562 people created their own ‘unskippable’ advert. The smoothie bar dished out 3,845 smoothies, and the YouTube claw registered an incredible 10,947 plays.


Images courtesy of Pete Starkey @iAmPete