Brief: Position Google as an open, strategic and creative partner to the advertising community through unique experiences that celebrate creativity in digital communication.

Our audience insight: “I’m in Cannes and I want to spend some time on one of the beaches, but they’ve all been taken over by the big ad agencies for private events.”

Activation: The Creative Sandbox – a series of connected spaces on the Gray D’Albion beach open to all delegates all week.

Guests could create and host their own content, engage in playful product demonstrations or simply relax and enjoy free smoothies and super-fast wifi in a picture-perfect beachfront environment.

Results: Google’s success metrics were based on visitor interactions and word-of-mouth/buzz.

There were nearly 4,500 visitors to the Creative Sandbox over the course of the week, with an average of 485 product demos per day. ‘Google Sandbox’ was the most popular Cannes check-in on Foursquare that week (apart from the Festival Palais itself), and 1222 people attended the beach party with Groove Armada and Goldierocks.


“Best beach in cannes! Great work @google creative sand box rocks!”

“Google Creative Sandbox kinda awesome. Free smoothies, photo booth, & flying toys”

“Awesome job Google with your creative sandbox at Cannes. Who needs the Palais?”

“Google creative sandbox is like an oasis for the tech-obsessed. Love it”

“Lots of google stuff at their very pleasant Creative Sandbox. Smoothies are awesome. Try it out”


*Images courtesy of Pete Starkey @iAmPeteS