Brief: Activate Castrol’s UEFA Euro 2012™ sponsorship by creating hospitality experiences across five host cities that make the link between the strength of Castrol EDGE, the brand’s strongest and most advanced oil to date, and that needed to compete at the highest level of football.

Our audience insight: “I’m at the European Championships so I want a football-focused experience (and if I can show it off to my peer group too then it’s even better).”

Activation: Unique challenges giving guests in Warsaw, Kiev, Gdansk, Karkhiv and Lviv the chance to test their own strength.

Test Your Physical Strength: Non-Newtonian fluids display increased resistance under pressure, mirroring how Castrol EDGE gets stronger the harder it works. Players mimicked the ‘high knees’ fitness drill to try and make a tank of non-Newtonian fluid solidify in 10 seconds, linking the strength properties of Castrol EDGE to performance in sport.

Test Your Mental Strength: Participants were fitted with a velcro and rubber head band containing sensors that measure the electrical pulses within the brain.  They stood in front of a 2m high screen with an image of the UEFA Cup at the bottom, and by remaining calm and focused could move the cup up the screen to a finishing line at the top.

Test Your Strength of Character: Guests were invited to place their faces into the viewing window and view a football being kicked at them at speed using video footage, mirrors and a real football. The longer the guest kept still whilst waiting for the impact of the ball, the better their score.

Strength of Castrol EDGE: Guests tested their own strength against that of Castrol EDGE oil through two identical displays built into one unit – one containing Castrol EDGE and the other a competitor oil. Pulling the lever on each display brought two discs closer together until contact was made and a light came on. The competitor oil lights up first, proving more strength is required to light up the stronger, more resistant Castrol EDGE.

QR Codes: Each of Castrol’s guests were given a pass with their own special QR code, allowing their score at each stage to be logged and a link to a video of their experience to be sent to them to share.


  • 95% of guests rated their experience Very Good or Excellent
  • 84% agreed that their awareness of Castrol EDGE had increased
  • 94% agreed that Castrol is an innovative and exciting company
  • 75% agreed that the trip had enabled them to get a better understanding of Castrol’s business strategy