Brief: Activate Monarch’s headline sponsorship of the English Heritage Picnic Concert Series by bringing their new brand positioning to life.

Our audience insight: “I’m not here to think about flights, I’m here to watch Tom Jones and have a picnic in historic surroundings.”

Activation: A range of experiential activations that mirrored how Monarch’s new booking process lets passengers customise their flight experience at each stage. Pop-up cardboard seats were provided on arrival along with a wine-chilling service, free candy floss, popcorn and fold-out binoculars to give those at the back a better view.

Results: Monarch was the most remembered brand amongst those with a presence at the concerts, with a brand recall of 85.8%. 81% of those asked said that Monarch’s activity at the events would encourage them to consider booking a Monarch flight or holiday, and 61% of concert-goers rated Monarch’s activity as Excellent or Good.