Brief: Highlight Google’s role as an open, strategic and creative partner to the advertising community and demonstrate some of the innovative work that is delivered using their platforms.

Our audience insight: “I’m in Cannes and I want to spend some time on one of the beaches, but they’ve all been taken over by the big ad agencies for private events.”

Activation: A 700m² beach created in a ‘shipwreck chic’ style and open to all. Guests could experience a range of Google-powered innovations in a relaxed, relevant and informal atmosphere, or just relax, have a drink, enjoy super-fast wi-fi and soak up some sun.

Results: There were more than 3,300 visitors to the Creative Sandbox (around 41% of the Festival’s total audience). Over 700 delegates ‘Androidified’ themselves on free t-shirts, and more than 8,300 smoothies were served. Contagious Magazine called it ‘one of the most talked-about events/brands of the festival…simply brilliant’.

The campaign won at the 2012 Brand Event Awards in the Media category.