Brief: Create an experience over the festive period that communicates the speed at which Google Chrome allows users to browse the web.

Our audience insight: “I’m Christmas shopping, I’m in a hurry and I don’t want to be sold to – but I’ll happily engage with something relevant to the festive period.”

Google – Chrome Interactive Projection from flourish on Vimeo.

Activation: An interactive projection wall at Westfield in London. Users were challenged to ‘decorate’ the 18-metre high wall as quickly as they could by using their bodies to ‘throw’ animated virtual Christmas decorations onto it. The finished article was uploaded to Picasa and emailed to the participant to download.

Results: 2373 people tried their hand at decorating the wall during the 13 days that the activity was live, with 728 photos uploaded to Picasa (an average of 9.3 per hour). 93% of participants said that the activity communicated “fast” to them, and 83% said they enjoyed playing the game “a lot”. Of those who hadn’t already, 96% said they would be more likely to download Chrome now.

Nearly 340,000 people walked directly past the projection site over the duration of the campaign.