Brief: Use Castrol’s allocated display site at the iconic Soccer City stadium to engage with fans and highlight the brand’s understanding of performance.

Our audience insight: “I don’t fully understand the association between Castrol and football.”

Activation: To demonstrate that Castrol understands performance both in oil and football, we gave fans the chance to compare their performance to that of Castrol ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo. A video wall showed a life-size Ronaldo dribbling through practice dummies, and three guests got to race against him on an identical course in front of the screen. Their picture with a cut-out of the man himself, beneath timers showing how they performed against him, was uploaded to Castrol Football’s Facebook page.

Results: The success of the Commercial Display was measured as part of Castrol’s full guest experience programme, the results of which are as follows:

  • Agreement that Castrol is “an innovative, exciting, forward looking company” increased by 260% from a pre-tournament survey
  • 97% of guests rated their overall experience Excellent or Very Good
  • 98% rated Castrol’s approach to their guests’ health and safety as either Excellent or Very Good
  • 98% agreed that the trip had given them an opportunity to build an even stronger relationship with Castrol staff
  • 95% agreed that the trip had enabled them to get a better understanding of Castrol’s business strategy
The full guest experience campaign was awarded Best Brand Event Strategy at a Sporting Event at the 2011 Brand Event Awards.