Brief: Deliver a unique pre-match hospitality experience for Castrol’s guests that makes the link between Castrol, football and Africa.

Our audience insight: “I’m about to watch a match at the first African World Cup and I’d love to to immerse myself in the culture beforehand.”

Activation: A modern, stylish, distinctly South African take on stadium hospitality. We transformed an empty white tent into an environment that celebrated all sides of the game as it’s played and watched in South Africa – chandeliers made from vuvuzelas, an augmented reality presentation telling the story of Soccer City Stadium and 1000 handmade Castrol Makarapas (customized hard hats worn by the most dedicated local fans). Guests were also provided with statistical insights into matches before and after the game using live data from the Castrol Index.

Results: The success of the Performance Lab was measured as part of Castrol’s full guest experience programme, the results of which are as follows:

  • Agreement that Castrol is “an innovative, exciting, forward looking company” increased by 260% from a pre-tournament survey
  • 97% of guests rated their overall experience Excellent or Very Good
  • 98% rated Castrol’s approach to their guests’ health and safety as either Excellent or Very Good
  • 98% agreed that the trip had given them an opportunity to build an even stronger relationship with Castrol staff
  • 95% agreed that the trip had enabled them to get a better understanding of Castrol’s business strategy
The full guest experience campaign was awarded Best Brand Event Strategy at a Sporting Event at the 2011 Brand Event Awards.