T-Mobile Street GigsBrief: Use the power of live music to create a community of 18-22 year old T-Mobile customers that will increase brand loyalty and drive consideration amongst their peers.

Our audience insight: “I want to look good in front of my mates by giving them an incredible experience without feeling like we’re being sold to.”

Activation: Surprising, credible and unique music experiences in the most unexpected locations for T-Mobile customers and their mates. Highlights included The Strokes at the National History Museum, The View at Edinburgh Castle and Mika in a big top in Berkeley Square. Every gig was shown on Channel 4 during T-Mobile’s advertiser-funded programme T-Mobile Transmission.

Results: The results were measured as part of the overall T-Mobile Streets campaign, for which 92% of attendees left the events feeling more positive about T-Mobile and no less than 100% of those surveyed told their friends about their experience. Measured against T-Mobile’s brand tracker, the events created strong brand advocacy and a big shift in brand perception.