glenlivet visitor center

Brief: Bring the story and the product to life in a permanent exhibition for visitors to The Glenlivet distillery.

Our audience insight: “I’ve been to three other whisky distilleries this week, what makes this one any different?”

Activation: An interactive, walk-through experience split into two ribbons; ‘The Spirit of the Glen’, which communicates the unique location of the distillery, and ‘The Glenlivet Legacy’, the tale of its incredible history. At the end of the journey the two ribbons unite into a stunning sculpture made from the distinctive Glenlivet bottles.

Results: To date, over 270,000 people have now visited ‘The Journey to The Glenlivet’ with visitor numbers increasing by 10% year on year. The experience has gained the maximum 5-star rating from the Scottish Tourist Board and, crucially, the two-strand strategy we proposed has since been used for other communication channels including the global brand website.