T-Mobile Fan Park World Cup 2006 Birmingham

Brief: Drive sales and increase brand affinity by engaging UK audiences through T-Mobile’s sponsorship of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Our audience insight: “I wish I could be in Germany to see my team play.”

Activation: A range of activities including the largest fan park outside Germany, a Radio 5Live joint promotion that gave one listener the World Cup Final street party of a lifetime, and a luxury tour bus that picked up individuals and their mates and drove them overnight to Germany for an England game.

Results: 50,000 people visited the fan park, making it the largest FIFA World Cup event outside of Germany. The World Cup Final Street Party was broadcast live to 1,380,000 on BBC Radio Five Live. In research, 91% of audiences agreed that T-Mobile brought them closer to the 2006 FIFA World Cup. PR reach was in excess of 400,000,000.